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Fiber Drums

Fiber Drums and Barrels

Fiber Drums are available in a wide range of sizes that include 75 gallon, 55 gallon, 41 gallon, 30 gallon, 20 gallon, 19 gallon, 15 gallon, and 10 gallon sizes. Fiber Drums are lightweight and durable, and are perfect for dry goods.


10-75 gallon

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ABOUT Fiber Drums

Storage, container and transportation

At BLR Container Solutions, our fiber drums provide a secure, durable and lightweight container solution for your company. From chemicals, to food packaging, our containers can get your products from point A to point B. All of our fiber drums included a secure lock ring that provides a secure seal to keep your container sealed up tight to prevent any spills. Especially, products that can be hazardous materials such as chemicals. These fiber drums and barrels are available in many different sizes from 20 to 70 gallons, and they include lids that could be either fiber, metal or plastic depending on the requirements of what needs to be stored.

Our fiber drums all meet the requirements from our safety, durability, and waterproof tests, with the approval of the UN’s safety standards and guidelines. They are also eco-friendly and safe for the environment as they are reusable. Call us at BLR Container Solutions to learn about how our fiber drums and barrels can give your business a secure container solution that can fit your needs.

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Examples of
our products

We provide various Fiber Drums and Barrel types :

55 Gallon Fiber Drum, Steel Cover w/Lever Lock Ring
55 Gallon Fiber Drum, UN Rated, Steel Cover w/Lever Lock Ring

55 Gallon Liquid-Pak Fiber Drum, Spray-On Liner, Plastic Cover w/Lever Lock Ring, 2″ &
55 Gallon Liquid-Pak Fiber Drum, PE Lined, Plastic Cover, 2″ & 3/4″ Fittings, 600 lb.

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Steel Drums

Steel drums are great to store or ship liquids or solids.

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Fiber Drums

Perfect for shipping and storing dry or solid products.

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Plastic IBC Containers

Saves space and is easy to fill, stack, and move.

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Polyethylene Drums

Indoor or outdoor use, corrosion and dent resistant.

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