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Plastic IBC Containers

Plastic IBC Containers

Composite / Plastic IBC Containers

IBC Totes (also known as Intermediate bulk containers or water tanks) and Water Tanks. IBC’s save space and are easy to fill, stack, and move. Ideal for low cost storing and transportation of liquids.


180 to 550 gallon

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ABOUT Plastic IBC Containers

IBC Plastic Totes and Containers

Looking to transport products and materials in bulk. We supply IBC totes and containers that can provide storage of products or liquids such as liquids, water, or even pharmaceuticals. We make sure that our industrial containers are durable and secure to make sure that your products are transported as safe as possible. Our IBC containers are equipped with 2″ ball valve fitting that makes sure that your products and materials are sealed up tight.

We make sure that our IBC totes are durable for your transportation solution so that your products are shipped safe and protected within our containers. Call us to learn about how our plastic IBC Totes and Containers can provide an affordable and a high-quality storage solution for your company.

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Examples of
our products

We provide various IBC Totes and Containers:

Used food grade 275 gal plastic IBC totes
Reconditioned 275 gal plastic IBC totes part# RCIBC275
Reconditioned 330 gal plastic IBC totes part# RCIBC330

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Plastic IBC Containers

Saves space and is easy to fill, stack, and move.

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Customer service is key to our success. We work with our clients to find the right product for their needs.

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Full service. We provide a turnkey service from pickup, cleaning, recycling and delivery of new or refurbished products.

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